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Upstate New York photographer & owner specializing in portrait photography


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Portraits are a reflection of a delicate heart

What is a delicate heart?
A delicate heart is
A delicate heart is protected
A delicate heart is  joyful
A delicate heart is valuable in every way 
A delicate heart is
A delicate heart is truth 
A delicate heart
endures forever
A delicate heart is hopeful 
A delicate heart is God's gift of

Jolene Tarkowski specializes in portraiture photography. Serving families in the Upstate NY and St. Lawrence River areas for 20+ years.  She has a portrait studio in Whitesboro, NY for families and she also photographs families on the shore line of St. Lawrence River every summer.

My Mission
For a split second, your breath is taken away, each time you look back on your portrait you are reminded of your beautiful heart within.


Kind Words

Jolene captures the innocence,
joy and wonder of childhood...
captures the milestones and dreams
of young adults...
captures the faith, love and hope of us all.

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